A Slideshow of some of my Favorites

This is a slideshow of 144 paintings that I have done in last 10 years – I kept this to a short list of some that I am most proud of. Hope you enjoy!


2011 Fall Update

After completing my cityscapes, I felt it was time to revisit some of my favorite themes in natural landscapes.  I began in a micro manner using my camera to study plants and objects in my back yard garden. For me, beauty has always begun in the garden – and I created a series of three backyard paintings.  Later in the fall, I viewed night skies out of our back porch…  and then a trip to the north shore of Lake Superior with my daughter made these images in my mind develop further.  In the painting, “Eternity,” the wolf is the ultimate symbol of pure nature – memories of the wilds of northern Minnesota.  The land lives within my spirit and gives me great peace. Poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, in the Song of Hiawatha, speaks of the skies above the Sea of Gitche Gumee… into which “rose the black and gloomy pine-trees”  (which also became part of the classic song by singer Gordon Lightfoot known as the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald).  The native-American, Chippewa tribe many years ago had named Lake Superior, the sea of “Gitche Gumee.” It is the largest body of clear water in the world. It’s stars and, sometimes the Northern Lights, dance above its surface on clear nights.  Here’s my painting of this spot along the lake.

On the shores of Gitche Gumme (Lake Superior)

Featured Artist ~ National Performance Group, 2011 Summer Conference in Minneapolis

A BIG THANK YOU to Rick Fifer and AkzoNobel Coatings, Inc., for the opportunity to be the featured artist at their August 17-19, 2011 Summer Conference being held at the Marriott City Center in downtown Minneapolis!  When contacted by Rick in June, I was pleased to accept his invitation to be their local featured artist. I pointed out that AzkoNobel’s business in automotive and aerospace coatings (including paints) is not that far from the things that concern me as an Artist – developing vibrant colors, creating eye-appealing outcomes and stimulating the imaginations of our customers. Bottom-line, our goal is to have FUN!  I’m hoping these attendees, all successful small business owners, might find my art to be something FUN – to consider as a Minneapolis souvenir for their businesses and homes. I now have several print/giclee options I developed especially for this conference – lots of CityScapes of the Twin Cities along with some of my favorite work in other genres. Just click on:  http://www.americanframe.com/Artist/ArtistBoard.aspx?artistid=3b168969-5dff-4979-8352-deca6e2dac3e

If you would like to have me work with you on a special print for a special ocassion or a special friend, please send me an e-mail  js_oconnell@msn.com. I can give you updates on any improved images that might be able to be printed in larger sizes – also change in colors or different cityviews might be something I’d find intersting to create. But for those starting off, American Frames does superlative work in creating my prints using archival paper or canvas – and then you have options on framing – a excellent site you will find fascinating to visit.  And they are very good about producing orders promptly and shipping them out of their plant in Ohio. So, please contact me with any concerns about my art – it is the most fun I have doing my work.

Have a great week in Minneapolis and if you have a minute I’d like your comments on the art appearing in your show – let me know your favorites. I will post more later, but wanted to bring this new opportunity to the attention of my friends and customers in

Two More Commissioned Pieces for Ronald McDonald House

On this new assignment I received the go ahead on creating two more Twin Cities cityscapes – but this time the commissioned art is for the St. Paul side of the Twin Cities.  RMH at Gillette hospital in St. Paul will be hanging them later this month in the Family Room at this new facility.  It’s a joy to be creating more art for the children and family members going through very stressful times in their lives.  Hope these paintings will bring them some enjoyment and help lessen their emotional loads.  Here are the paintings:

The Big Thaw in Minnesota

I’ve been waiting 5 months to see the ground once again.  However, before the great melt of April, 2011, I had the good fortune to take a photograph on the banks of the Mississippi River just north of Nicollet Island – the last snow had come  the day before so the fresh white snow radiated with full sun the next day.  The city in the background is Minneapolis.  This is the background for my painting, #913 Spring Thaw North of Nicollet Island – 30″x40.”  A couple weeks before this piece, I painted a Valentine’s bouquet that my wife & I received from one of our granddaughters.  This one is entitled, #912 Fruit & Floral Display – 20″x24″, and represents a hope for Spring inside me – and a desire to once again have my back garden blooming again.


Creativity continues in 2011!

I have been venturing into a number of themes in this new year of 2011. I enjoy painting a variety of subjects – from the flowers in my back garden – to the sunset moment among the boulders and ponderosa pines of the Rocky Mountain range – to the cold winter snows of Minnesota and a cozy cabin nestled in the northwoods – to a warm, comfortable seashore along the great Pacific Ocean.  I hope you enjoy these – your feedback is always valued!  Jim

My Art Work Continues – Recapping my Cityscapes

This YOUTUBE slideshow shows the Cityscapes of Minneapolis-St. Paul that I have done over the last several years. I am now offering most of these in prints.  If interested in making a purchase, please drop me an e-mail – I can provide you with sizes, framing & pricing.  Also, I can advise you if the original piece is still be for sale.

Archives: 185 Favorite Works 2004-2010

When you have 10 minutes, you might enjoy viewing a slideshow of my paintings since 2004. Be sure to press the link and wait for my most current work to appear – the slideshow begins. Tell me what you think!  🙂